Fracking: the destruction of our water supply has an article today about conflicts over water [read the full article here].

Here’s a quick summary. People and farms need  water; so do fossil-fuel companies. The conflicts are:

  • there’s not enough for everyone
  • droughts from global warming are making it worse
  • people and farms need clean water
  • fossil-fuel projects put a lot of toxics in the water. Nobody knows how to get them out…. and [thanks to Dick Cheney] fracking is exempt from the Clean Water act.

A perfect storm is brewing and it’s coming to your table. Big-industry profits are on one side; clean water and food [grown with clean water] are on the other side. And so far, profit is winning.

In our new Saudi America, one million fracked wells already exist… And almost nine out of every ten future wells drilled in the United States will need to undergo some form of fracking.

Fracking represents a monumental water treatment challenge…. The fracking technology being used is relatively new and inadequately regulated. The trillions of gallons of water already used contain about 400 billion gallons of toxic additives. The US has no established technology or infrastructure that can recover potable water from the enormous magnitude of this existing and projected future deadly waste…. [This is] a water treatment problem for which there is no experience, and no historical precedent.

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