Notes for January 13th Meeting

Notes for January 13th Meeting

Hosted by Jack B.  18 members present.

Jack was facilitator, Mark was Town Crier, Ellen was time keeper, Karen was note taker.

Agenda items in bold.

Welcome and introduce new faces: Jack

Town Crier: Mark –  Recommended watching “Chasing Ice”, a National Geographic film.  Also, he reminded us to use “Sea Waves”(under Sea Action) on the blog to report work that you have done.

Coal Trains: Mary – Coal train traffic currently is 6  trains/day.  The Cherry Point terminal would increase that number to 30 trains/day.  The Stranger newspaper wrote No to Coal Trains.  Hooray for the Stranger!

Tar Sands: Mike – the Native cultures are pushing back on fossil fuels.  This is more good news.

Topical Books/readings:  Janet.  How do we get away from plastic?  “Plastic Free: How I got off my addiction to fossil fuel” by Beth Terry.  “The Great Disruption” by Guilding.  “Collapse”, a film by Natl Geo.  Also of note is a “Plastics Unwrapped” exhibit currently at the Burke Museum at the U of W.

Methow Valley ski trip?  Mike – has set up a doodle date selection site so we could see who is available when.  He emailed the link on Jan 14th.  If interested, please enter your name there.  Note that the travel time in winter is 5-8 hrs.

Vision for 2013:  Mike – Long haul activism.  1) Network with local activist groups, 2) Speakers bureau – connect with the broader public eg. High Schools etc.,  3) Survivability of the planet – consider weaving this into life. 4)  Ellen mentioned seeking a feeling of community and on saving us.  Therefore, networking, outreach and social communication.

A “yes” project: Mike – We have been no to coal trains, tar sands etc.  How about yes –  solar cookers etc.

Other items?  The 3rd Thursday meeting of the Sierra Club in at 180 Nickerson, suite 201 at 6p.  Consider attending and getting involved with them.

Next meeting is Feb 10th at Jack B’s house.

Facilitator – Janet, Note taker – Mary, Timekeeper – Isa, Town Crier – Ellen

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