Another EIS Scoping Comment Opportunity

Arch Coal wants to build another railroad line in Montana to supply Asia with coal and feed the proposed export terminals in the Northwest.  There is an opportunity to submit comments on the scope of this EIS in the following message from the Power Past Coal coalition.  Any comments that have been written in regard to the proposed Cherry Point port would probably also be applicable to this supply line proposal.  See details that follow…PPC_logo 2The impacts of coal export facilities extend well beyond the site of the port facility. Here’s yet another example.

Recently, the Tongue River Railroad Company filed a new application for a permit to build a coal-hauling line through the quiet, pristine Tongue River Valley in eastern Montana primarily for exporting coal to Asia.This long-proposed project renews its attempt to cut the valley in half, jeopardizing farm and ranch operations, disrupting wildlife movements, devaluing property, and increasing flooding potential.  The reason? So Arch Coal can ship strip-mined coal through Montana, Idaho, along the border of Washington and Oregon, to Asia.

Building this rail line will only line the pockets of Arch Coal.  Please make your voice heard today opposing the build out of this rail line which is being proposed only to enable coal export off the West Coast.

The deadline for written comments is January 11th. All citizens’ voices need to be heard. Please send in your comments today.

Thank you for standing up to Big Coal!

JoelleRobinson  Joelle Robinson
Field Director


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