Kivalina: life on the front line of climate change

Here’s a sobering article from Kivalina island, in the Arctic. People there are dealing with climate change directly in their daily lives in a way that we’re not (yet). But they speak for all of us when they say that environmental danger is not a compartmentalized subtopic of some kind: the danger is spiritual, physical, cultural, mental, emotional and economic.

There is evidence pointing to a deliberate attempt to mislead people about climate change, even as climate change grew worse and put people in danger. The disinformation has helped delay a much-needed policy response… Today we are paying the price for that delay, and coastal Arctic communities are particularly vulnerable.

We live largely on… the natural environment of the land, waters and the air. Anything that threatens it is a threat to us spiritually, physically, culturally, mentally, emotionally and economically. These are not just words; this is the hard truth.

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