EPA Climate Change Indicators Report

EPA has just published its new Climate Change Indicators website.  It is an “excellent vetted source of information” for presentations, talking points and general reference.    From the site:

EPA is working with many other organizations to better understand the causes and effects of climate change. With help from these partners, EPA has compiled a set of 26 indicators tracking signs of climate change. Most of these indicators focus on the United States, but some include global trends to provide context or a basis for comparison. These indicators represent a selected set of key climate change measurements, and are not an exhaustive group of all climate change indicators. EPA’s indicators are based on peer-reviewed data from various government agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations. EPA selected these indicators based on the quality of the data and other criteria.

Use this site to learn more about EPA’s indicators related to greenhouse gases,weather and climateoceanssnow and ice, and society and ecosystems.



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