November 2012 Meeting Notes

Present: Susan, Karen, Bruce, Mary D., Ellen, Mike, Isa, Jack, Mary M., Janet, Mark, Kathy

Recent events:  Acknowledgement was made of the just-finished presidential election and  Bill McKibben’s “Do the Math” tour which many SEA members attended on November 7.

Coal Trains

  • McKibben noted that stopping the coal trains is directly related to stopping CO2 emissions
  • The Seattle scoping hearing has been rescheduled to Thursday, Dec 13.  SEA members are urged to encourage people to come to the hearing
  • Mary M attended a recent press conference by 36th District State Representative Rueven Carlyle who called for a comprehensive environmental impact study of the coal trains.  Governor Gregoire has made a similar statement.
  • The group watched a video by land use lawyer and WWU professor Jean Melious that explained which agencies have jurisdiction in the coal trains matter, the scoping hearing process, and guidelines for submitting comments.  Comments are to identify issues/concerns that should be addressed in the environmental impact statement.  The video is available on
  • SEA scheduled a special meeting for writing comments: Sunday, December 2, 1:00-2:30.

Future Events

  • December 13: Scoping hearing at the Seattle Convention Center.  Come early to help if possible.
  • December 30, 6:00-9:00 p.m., Ellen’s house:  Instead of meeting on our regular schedule (second Sunday of the month), we will meet on December 30th for a One Year Anniversary and Celebration potluck.  There will be a short business meeting and a look at “The Year in Review,” but this is primarily a time to socialize.  As we did for the Garden Party last summer, we will invite others who have expressed an interest (or whom we think may have an interest) in our work to be part of the celebration.  Details to follow.


  • A coal executive in the Midwest laid off workers immediately after Obama’s reelection, citing Obama’s opposition to coal.
  • Forest Ethics reported that two more companies—E-Bay and Patagonia—have pledged not to use Tar Sands oil.
  • Mike invited SEA members to an open house and viewing/listing of the Christmas Ships at his house: December 23, 7:00 p.m.
  • Mark has created a process for SEA members to log their volunteer hours on the blog.  The intent to is record what we do, serve as a model and encouragement for others, and provide some commentary on the experience: how to do something similar, what the experience was like, etc.  Mark will describe how it works at the next SEA meeting.
  • Connected to the volunteer hours blog log, a role of “Town Crier” will be designated for each meeting.  The crier’s role will be to acknowledge volunteer work done by SEA members since the previous meeting.

 Next Meeting

  • Date, Time, Place: December 30, 6:00-9:00 p.m., Ellen’s house
  • Roles
    • Facilitator: Janet
    • Town Crier: Mark
    • Timekeeper: Ellen
    • Notetaker: Karen

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