Huge Turn Out for Seattle Coal Scoping Event

Reports indicate attendance of near 2,500 people at the Dec 13, 2012 event to express concerns about potential impacts that need to be assessed during  the Environmental Impact Statement process before a decision on a pending applications for a construction of a coal port, the Gateway Pacific Terminal, at Cherry Point, WA.  See Seattle Times article:   Coal-export hearing packed, mostly by opponents.

SEA’s Mike Dash was fortunate to be selected in the lottery as one of about 125 people to speak. He provided specific areas relating to the thawing of Arctic tundra and climate change that he requested be included in the scope of the assessment of environmental impacts.  There were at least a dozen SEA members who helped in the Power Past Coal rally and support for the scoping listening session.  All comments that were made orally will be transcribed and considered along with written comments in the decision on who broad the scope will be in assessing impacts that will be factored into whether the permits that would allow the construction of the Gateway Pacific Port and associated export of coal will be approved.

Comments can continue to be submitted in writing, either email, on line or by mail until January 21, 2013.  On line, the government NEPA/SEPA Gateway Pacific website has information and a form for direct submission of questions and comments related to what should be included in the assessment.  Advice, information, and help on how to write comments is available through the Coal Train Facts website.


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