What about the other greenhouse gases?

Interesting op-ed piece in the New York Times today. It focuses on the other greenhouse gases, the ones besides CO2. The authors claim that short term reductions in global warming may be easiest to achieve by focusing on these other gases, while building long-term reductions in CO2 at the same time.

We can slow  warming quickly by cutting emissions of four other climate pollutants: black carbon, a component of soot; methane, the main component of natural gas; lower-level ozone, a main ingredient of urban smog; and hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, which are used as coolants. They account for as much as 40 percent of current warming.

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One Response to What about the other greenhouse gases?

  1. Mary Manous says:

    Great article. In a way it is both encouraging and challenging to have other avenues to address global warming and climate disruption, in addition to turning away from fossil fuels. Some of these other sources of global warming seem equally hard to get control over. A recent NYTimes article discussed how regulation of GHG-related refrigerants to prevent detrimental impacts have been circumvented because enforcement has proven difficult. Passing legislation for better regulations and increased fines might help.


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