How we can help the divestment campaign

The divestment movement will be student-led, but McKibben is encouraging university alumni to participate too. He recommends two possibilities.

1. Write a letter to your alma mater

As you know from all the fundraising letters you’ve probably received, your college is interested in your “input.” Sending a personal letter to the college President or Board of Trustees urging the school to divest is a great first step to help put the issue on the map for the administration.

2. Write a letter or oped for your campus newspaper

We want to spark an open discussion on campuses across the country about the morality of investing in fossil fuel companies. You can play a key role in that debate by publishing a letter or oped in your former college’s newspaper.

I’m a UW alum and will write a letter. Is anyone else a UW alum? I could add you (name, year of graduation, major and degree) – Mike

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