Coal Train letter assignments

We had a wonderful letter writing meeting that resulted in the following Coal Train letters assignment taken on by Sea members:
1 Greenhouse gas and the subsequent global warming impacts from burning coal.
2 Greenhouse gas causing acidic oceans and the affect on shellfish and Orcas.
3 Negative job impacts from the Cherry Point project.
1 The herring population at Cherry Point and Orcas
2 Bilge water impacts on the local environment
1 Global warming and the affect on Puget Sound
2 The overall picture of jobs lost and created in the entire Pacific Northwest.
1 Orcas and noise pollution
2 Emergency response and coal trains
1 Ocean acidification and the affect on the shellfish industry in the state
2 The burning of coal in China should be added to the scope of the Cherry Point project
1 Negative effects from the radioactivity in coal ash.
2 Negative job impacts in the region.
1 Bilge water and the potential for invasive species, toxins etc.
2 The potential for coal spills and the consequences this may have
1 Mitigation of the added train traffic through cities
1 How much coal falls off of the trains?
2 How will marbled murrelets be affected by loss of eelgrass and herring?
3 Will infant hospitalizations increase due to PM(2.5) in diesel exhaust?

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