Guidance on Writing & Submitting Comments on Environmental Assessment of Proposed Coal Ports

The Coal Train Facts group has provided templates, guidance, and a great video on the EIS process related to the proposed Bellingham Coal Terminal that should be the “go to” site for anyone wanting to submit comments during the scoping period for this EIS.    There are suggestions for topic areas,  tools and resources, and a link to submit comments, as well as the address for written comments.  In addition the dates and locations for workshops.  Start here: CoalTrainFacts/Scoping

Anyone with additional suggestions on writing comments for the scoping of this environmental review should add them in the “Leave a Reply” block, below.  We have until January 21, 2013 to raise any areas of concern that we want addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement upon which a decision as to whether the permit for this coal port should be approved!  Let’s get busy!


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2 Responses to Guidance on Writing & Submitting Comments on Environmental Assessment of Proposed Coal Ports

  1. Mary Manous says:

    This has the video that we watched at the November meeting as well as links to templates and suggested topics to focus on. Draft a comment letter to bring to the upcoming SEA meeting where we will help edit and finalize these efforts.

  2. Mary Davies says:

    I won’t be at the letter-writing meeting, so I really appreciate these resources! I printed a template and added this comment:
    What will be the local effect of climate change exacerbated by Powder River Basin coal burned in China, on our seawall, shoreline, farming, and flooding, and the costs to individuals and taxpayers that result?
    I’m mailing it in today. My takeaway thought: If you think it’s complicated to draft something original, never mind. Just use the existing resources and get it done!


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