Seattle Env Activists @ McKibben’s “DO THE MATH” Tour Kick Off

SEA was well represented at the sold out “Do the Math” Tour of Bill McKibben and with Janet, Bruce, Ruth, Mike, Mark, Isa, Mary D, Jack, Karin, Ellen, Mary M and other friends down in front for an inspiring and informative event.  Please add your comments on what you thought and felt being at the event was like!   Also, whether you have signed up on the GoFossilFree website or take other action to disinvest in fossil fuels and begin taking the money and power away from Big Oil, Coal and Gas.

Below is the email that sent out to those who attended and provided their emails, with a big picture, including the SEA contingent toward the left and bottom of the picture!


Thank you for starting something special.

(Click to see and share this photo on Facebook)

Here’s where we go from here.

Students across the country are launching into divestment campaigns right away. There are dozens of campaigns underway on campuses already, and we’re ready to kick off a few here in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re at all inspired by the example that Mayor McGinn set out, you can begin your campaign to divest your school, church or any other institution right now.

To begin your divestment campaign, click here:

Also, organizer Deirdre Smith is already working with 10 campuses in Oregon and Washington to divest from fossil fuels, and is available to help start your campaign with style and strength. If you want to set up a training or workshop to start your campaign, or have any other questions, you can get in touch with Deirdre at

Our friends at Climate Solutions and Power Past Coal are also working hard to keep those coal trains from rumbling through the Northwest and towards climate disaster. The first thing to do is to help stop the Cherry Point export terminal from being built. Submit your comment against coal exports by clicking here — you’ll also be in the loop about future work to power us past coal:

350 Washington is also is doing great work to organize the state to work for climate solutions — you can get involved by clicking here:

Since you were here to help us start this next big thing, you’ll be the first to know about the actions Bill mentioned — like if we march on Exxon’s headquarters, or take over DC again to stop Keystone XL — so keep an eye on your inboxes too.

As Bill said, right now we have the opportunity to do what is unquestionably the most important thing that anyone can be doing, in the most important place that anyone can be doing it.

Let’s live up to that fact. Let’s go big.


PS – We really were planning to send this email last night as Bill promised – but we waited a bit to make sure that you got to see Paul Anderson’s amazing photo above!


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