Data entry for Coal Scoping Hearing and OfA Get Out the Vote!

Data Entry for NSCC Coal Scoping Hearing:  SEA Members (Mark, Jack, Isa, Mary D, Mary M and maybe others?) have done data entry for the Coal Free Washington Coalition at the Sierra Club Offices periodically through out October.  Most recently Mary M spent two hours on Thursday, Nov 1st, doing data entry to a shared environmental database on people who had indicated their plans to attend the Environmental Impact Scoping Hearing at North Seattle Community College, that will be held on November 13th.

Data Entry for OfA GOTV:  On Saturday November 3rd, Mark and Mary M did three and a half hours of data entry at the OfA Offices on the results of canvassing for volunteers and Obama voters.   They have an ongoing need through election day for neighborhood canvassers and people to phone bank to get out the vote.   Here is a link to a site for signing up OfA Get Out the Vote – Fremont and North Seattle.


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