Data Entry for Obama, 3

2012/10/31 – 2 hours. Spent another 2 hours entering data for different sorts of canvassing data, some from phone banks, some from door-to-door. If you have any time to spare in the next 4 days, this would be a great place to spend it. I don’t know about canvassing, only about data-entry. But just come down to the OfA Wallingford h’quarters, 1914 N. 34th street anytime noon to 7pm and people will be able to put you to work. If you want to do data-entry, please get in touch with Rachel Baker, who’s in charge of getting people set up to do data-entry.

Rachel Baker contact info:
phone: (206) 633-3424

She says someone will be there (either she or Molly) tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 3rd, anytime between 3 and 9pm (best to get there by 7pm really). And there’ll be work to do Sauturday, Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday even!

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