Data Entry for Obama, 2

2012/10/30 – 2 hours. Went back to the Obama for America Wallingford headquarters. 1914 N. 34th Street. Brought along my friend Larry who is an experienced data-entry person. We got some folks there to set Larry up with an account on the software, And it was really a snap for him to catch on to how to enter the data from the canvassing lists they had for us. Pizza was supplied (yum.) Larry agreed with me that the interface to this software is really nicely done and we hope that the Republicans don’t have anything nearly as nice! The mood was upbeat as we heard reports of favorable polling results showing Obama gaining back some of his earlier lead. But DO NOT GET COMPLACENT. You can volunteer still all the way through next Tuedsay, Election Day. They need as much help as they can get, both for phone canvassing to GOtV and for data entry! Rachel Baker can give you log-in privileges and a short, easy tutorial on how to do the data-entry. She’ll be there this Friday and Saturday evenings (Nov 2nd and 3rd) 6 – 9pm.

Rachel Baker’s contact info
phone: (206) 633-3424.

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