Say “No” to Coal Port at Boardman, OR


Express Opposition to Coal Ports on Columbia River in Oregon:

The Power Past Coal coalition has provided this opportunity to take a stand and support Oregon in preventing export of US coal to Asia through ports on the Columbia River.  Use their links below to add your voice.

PPC_logo 2

Oregon and Washington are at the center of an effort to export massive quantities of coal from our coast to Asia. The State of Oregon will decide soon whether to issue permits for Ambre Energy’s coal terminal at the Port of Morrow and we need everyone to say NO to this proposal.

Governor Kitzhaber and other state officials have the power to deny this permit but they need to hear from you this month.

Ambre Energy proposes to bring coal along 1,000 miles of rail lines through Montana, Idaho and Washington to Boardman, Oregon where the coal would be transferred to barges and shipped down the river through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, then transferred to giant ships for transport to Asia. Coal export poses serious risks to public health, our environment and our climate. Simply put, if we mean to avoid catastrophic climate disruption, we cannot afford to export coal.

We need you to call on Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Department of State Lands to deny the coal export permit

We can do better.  We already are.  The Northwest is a leader in clean energy development.  We are investing deeply in renewables and energy efficiency.  Let’s tell the Governor and the Department of State Lands, that exporting coal is not the best use of Oregon’s resources.

The public comment period ends October 31.  Please make your voice heard today.

JoelleRobinson  Joelle Robinson
Field Director

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