We’re No. 1! (In climate denier coverage)

Looks like we’re the leading country, when it comes to climate change… that is, the leading country in denying it.

America is unique when it comes to giving a platform to climate deniers and skeptics…. American newspapers are far more likely to publish uncontested claims from climate deniers, many of whom challenge whether the planet is warming at all and are “almost exclusively found” in the U.S. media.

Here is the full article.

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One Response to We’re No. 1! (In climate denier coverage)

  1. Mary Manous says:

    And they say there are three categories of skeptics, no less: “Those who completely deny the planet is warming (trend skeptics); those who accept that the planet is warming, but question if it’s caused by humans (attribution skeptics); and those who falsely claim that increasing CO2 emissions and a warming planet will be a good thing (impact skeptics).” [Do these correlate to three of the four stages of grief, perhaps?]


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