Get a Climate Change Question Asked in the Presidential Debates

From the League of Conservation Voters:

As we’ve all seen with the extreme weather this summer, global warming is happening and it’s only going to get worse unless we do something about it. The first step towards getting our government to take action to address the climate crisis is making sure the public knows where the candidates stand during this election.

Millions of voters will get their information about the presidential candidates by watching the debates this fall. With a moderator like Jim Lehrer — whose show, the PBS NewsHour, has often covered climate change with the gravity that it requires — we have a real chance to generate a substantive discussion about global warming on the national stage…if he asks the candidates about the issue.

So that’s why I’ve just signed a petition to Mr. Lehrer urging him to ask President Obama and Governor Romney about how they plan to address the climate crisis.

Will you add your name to make sure climate change is a priority at the debate?

Just go to:


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