Tar Sands demonstration on Anniversary of Kalamazoo Tar Sands Oil Spill

The demonstration outside Seattle City Hall against Tar Sands/Bitumen Oil tankers going through Puget Sound happened today, July 25th, at 12:30pm. Amongst others, I heard Adam Gaya of Forest Ethics and someone from 350.org talk about the empact on Puget Sound. Clearly the Sound is much more dangerous than Kalamazoo River and a spill is more likely in these rougher waters. Eight times more tankers will be going through Puget Sound with Alberta wanting to get oil to Chinese backers.

Approximately 30-40 people were gathered. A strong image was created with a large piece of black plastic with slits for people and two people in large salmon outfits. Pictures were taken and sound recordings, but I am not sure that they were with any of the large media outlets. Councilman Mike O’Brien stopped by at very end and was quite warm. I spoke to several passing people who were curious what was going on.

What was clear to me is we need to be pro-active with how we present demonstrations.

• Have materials on-hand to give to people passing—
a) Tar sands impact information
b) Businesses that have agreed to remove bitumen oil from their fleets.
c)Forest Ethics contact information/ basic info.
• Dress to reach your audience, i.e. for a business crowd, dress well so you are one of them.
• Have signs that are well-done: stick on letters that are easy to read and show fore-thought
• Have people further out from gathered demonstration to reach out people who happen by and in a relaxed way, explain what this is about, offer information verbally and written. Fliers should be inside a purse or bag so we are “every man.”
• Have easy access table with informational material.
-Janet Rayor

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