Prevent Washington from becoming a conduit for dangerous coal exports!

The Power Past Coal Coalition has provided a link to easily send a message to our Congressional representatives and to the Army Corps of Engineers to voice the need for an environmental assessment process that considers all of the proposed coal export facilities in Washington and Oregon together when looking at the environmental impacts in the EIS process,  also known as a cumulative EIS.

They also provided information on the risks, as highlighted below, that include the derailing of coal trains and resulting impacts on communities, human lives, and rail transport of other goods.

In one month, six coal trains derailed across the country — including one in eastern Washington — killing two people, holding up or re-routing dozens of trains, and spilling hundreds if not thousands of tons of dirty and toxic coal.

This illustrates just one of the many economic, health, safety, and environmental risks posed by exporting coal through the Pacific Northwest. Could you imagine a coal train derailing in the Columbia River Gorge, Seattle, Vancouver, Longview, Grays Harbor, Spokane, Bellingham, or dozens of other communities in 

There will be two Coal Hard Truth Forums this week in north Seattle, one on Queen Anne on Tuesday, July 24th and one on Wednesday, July 25th.  Click here for details.


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