Heavy Traffic Ahead: Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) unveils major report on coal train impacts

Just published, the fully documented, 68 page report, details the railroad impacts of shipping Powder River Basin Coal to Asia.

The Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) is a regional network of seven
grassroots community organizations that include 10,000 members and 38 local chapters.

WORC’s member organizations are: Dakota Rural Action; Dakota Resource Council; Idaho
Rural Council; Northern Plains Resource Council; Oregon Rural Action; Powder River Basin
Resource Council; and Western Colorado Congress. WORC’s mission is to advance the vision of a democratic, sustainable and just society through community action. WORC is committed to building sustainable environmental and economic communities that balance economic growth with the health of people and stewardship of their land, water and air resources.

The WROC in headquartered in Billings, MT.

Read the report here:  http://www.heavytrafficahead.org/pdf/Heavy-Traffic-Ahead-web.pdf

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