Write Your Senators to Stop Inhofe Weakening CAA Protections

League of Conservations Voters:  Tell your senators to reject Inhofe’s attack on clean air!


League of Conservation Voters:  The life-saving clean air protections that we’ve worked so hard to put in place are under attack — and we need your help to fight back.

We’ve told you before about Senator James Inhofe’s wild assertion that “global warming is a hoax,” his support for billion dollar handouts to Big Oil, and his push for drilling in the Arctic Refuge and off our coasts. Well he’s at his worst right now, pushing legislation that would not only remove the new EPA limits on mercury and other harmful pollution from power plants, but would also block the agency from ever taking any future action to protect us from these sources of pollution.

We only have two weeks before the expected Senate vote to build enough opposition to strike down Senator Inhofe’s dangerous and extreme resolution. Please write your senators today to ensure they vote NO on this lethal legislation!

These EPA clean air standards are expected to save thousands of lives and prevent as many as 130,000 asthma attacks every year. Mercury is beyond dangerous when it gets into our air, water, and fish — causing lung problems, kidney damage, and even mental retardation in children. So why would Senator Inhofe and his allies in the Senate want to block these vital regulations? Because they care more about protecting the profits of the big polluters who fund their campaigns, like the Koch brothers, than they do about us.

With your support, we got the EPA to stand up for our public health and protect us from the mercury, arsenic, and acid gases coming out of dirty power plant smokestacks. Don’t let Senator Inhofe and the Koch brothers roll it back!

Email your senators’ right now to stop this deadly attack on our communities.

With this vote, your senators will be making a clear choice between you and big polluters. On top of the benefits for our families and the environment, these vital clean air protections are also estimated to save Americans up to $90 billion in health care costs and create thousands of jobs cleaning up our power sector. No matter how you look at it, there’s no good reason to undermine these critical protections — unless you want dirty energy’s campaign cash.

Tell your senators that you expect them to stand on the side of the American workers and families, not polluters who profit from poisoning our families and our environment.Take one minute to email them now!

It’s going to be a close vote and the stakes for our planet’s future are high, but with your help we know we can stop this deadly resolution. So thank you for taking action and spreading the word today!

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Vanessa Kritzer
Online Campaigns Manager
League of Conservation Voters


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