Seattle City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Coal Exports

With support from many community members and groups, including the Seattle Environmental Activists, both at last week’s Energy and Environment Committee Hearing (at which Mike Dash testified) and at a full hearing this Tuesday, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution to oppose coal exports in Washington State.  Five SEA members (Karen, David, Mary M, Mike* and Mary D*) were there, along with a room full of others supporters.  Representatives from labor and SSA Marine testified against the resolution based respectively upon (a) loss of potential jobs if coal wasn’t exported and (b) that it was premature before the assessment information had been fully researched.  Other SEA involvement in the passage of this resolution included phone banking at the Sierra Club to get people to the hearings and attending the Coal Hard Facts Forum in Ballard last month (Mark and Mary M).     Seattle Resolution

* Mike and Mary D signed up to testify, but due to time limitations, even at only 1 minute per person, the Chair had to cut off testimony before they along with many others were reached.   It shows the overwhelming support for this resolution.


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