350.Org Urges Action on “WA Coal Bomb”

In an email alert that went out today 350.org says…
“The Keystone XL pipeline victory shows just how much we can accomplish as a unified movement, even in the face of an industry as powerful and corrupt as Big Oil. We can bring that collective power to bear on another carbon bomb ticking right in Washington: Coal.

We’ve been fighting hard to keep coal in the ground—that’s what our campaigns to close Northwest coal plants and fire up the clean energy economy have been all about. But with coal demand declining in the U.S., coal companies are now scrambling to sell their dirty energy to India and China.

There’s only one way to transport dirty coal all the way to Asia: right through your front yard. Coal barons and Wall Street banks are scheming to ship it by rail through our communities to terminals in Oregon (Coos Bay and St. Helens) and Washington (near Longview, Bellingham and Grays Harbor), and then on giant ships through your waters and across the Pacific.

This epic expansion of coal exports would produce more climate pollution than the Keystone Pipeline1. And it would clog your communities with miles and miles of coal trains; spewing toxic dust, snarling traffic, and would promise a deadly cargo of climate devastation for our children. The Northwest answer to coal export is simple: We won’t stand for it.

Help stop the export of coal in the Northwest by signing the petition and telling Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark that you oppose the construction of export coal terminals in Washington.

Together, we can stop this. Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to fight for the health and safety of our communities and climate.


KC Golden – Policy Director, Climate Solutions
Phil Aroneanu for the 350.org team

P.S. Please share the petition with your Washington networks on Facebook  and Twitter, and thanks again!

1 www.daily.sightline.org/2011/11/16/coal-exports-are-bigger-threat-than-tar-sands-pipeline

Coal exports threaten Washington’s communities with toxic dust and climate pollution.

Help stop the export of coal in the Northwest by signing the petition saying you oppose the construction of export coal terminals in Washington

Sign On Buttonwww.350.org/washington-coal

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