Alberta Tar Sands Extraction:

To see what the extraction process involves, take a look at some short videos and satellite pictures.

Greenpeace (2.14 minutes)  This provides a quick short look at what the extraction of bitumen from Alberta Tar Sands looks like.

Oil Story (animation 2.32 minutes)   Fun look at dirty oil.

Dirty Oil – Introduction (part of a web series 3.31 minutes)    includes Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute

Dirty Oil – Trailer (for feature film on Alberta Tar Sands)  The full documentary is a behind-the-scenes look “into the strip-mined world of Alberta, Canada, where the vast and toxic Tar Sands deposit supplies the U.S. with the majority of its oil.

Also see Wikipedia – Athabasca oil sands  for details on history, production, transportation, governance, oil companies involved, economics, Indigenous peoples, and a good map of the potential area involved in extraction.  For a stark view, take a look at pictures of Tar Sands from Space.

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One Response to Alberta Tar Sands Extraction:

  1. wdebuskw says:

    Great links. Thanks! I’ve bookmarked the reference material


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