Yes we did! Obama kills the pipeline

This is great news!

Keystone XL Pipeline: Obama Administration Announcing It Will Not Go Forward With Controversial Plan

The State Department on Wednesday recommended that President Obama deny a permit for the Keystone XL, arguing the pipeline does not serve the national interest. The President concurred with the Department’s recommendation, which was predicated on the fact that the Department does not have sufficient time…


Bill McKibben reacted to the news in a statement on Wednesday afternoon:

“Assuming that what we’re hearing is true, this isn’t just the right call, it’s the brave call. The knock on Barack Obama from many quarters has been that he’s too conciliatory. But here, in the face of a naked political threat from Big Oil to exact ‘huge political consequences,’ he’s stood up strong.This is a victory for Americans who testified in record numbers, and who demanded that science get the hearing usually reserved for big money.”

But [I’m starting to learn that there’s always a ‘but…’] it looks like the pipeline lobby has not given up yet. The news story goes on to say “lawmakers signaled they would introduce new legislation to… shut the White House out of the Keystone decision-making process, leaving Congress with full authority to approve the pipeline.”

So let’s celebrate this victory… and then get ready to fight [and win!] again.

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One Response to Yes we did! Obama kills the pipeline

  1. M2 says:

    I woke up this morning to an NPR story about how the Keystone XL Pipeline is not going to make or break the future use of the Tar Sands as a source of petroleum. See the story entitled Stopping the Keystone Pipeline Won’t Stop Oil Sands Production:

    While discouraging, it is important for everyone to know that the war is not at all won by stopping the building of this pipeline. There are other ways for this dirty polluting tar to make it out of Canada. More of a skirmish won, at best.

    There is a nice map on their webpage, though that shows where existing and proposed pipelines are: It shows that there are existing pipelines available for transporting Tar Sands oil, the Keystone XL only increases the amount that can be transported.

    Mary Manous


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