Getting more No-Tar-Sands-Oil pledges

Good news! I talked with Adam Gaya at Forest Ethics in Bellingham. He’s one of the organizers who got the No-Tar-Sands-Oil [No T-S-O] pledge from Chiquita. It was a really positive conversation; it turns out they have been looking for a Seattle group to work with!

They’ve been doing this for two years now and have gathered a total of 24 No TSO pledges, of which 12 are public. They’re interested in working with us and are willing to share their experience, knowledge and skills.

In brief outline, they first identify the right person, such as the VP of Sustainability. They set up a meeting, explain the issues, offer information and support, and then help the company work through the planning issues [can they verify that their suppliers are not using TSO? if their suppliers use TSO, can they find other suppliers? etc]. That can take a long time but often leads to the company making a pledge. If the company is reluctant then Forest Action can mount a public/media campaign, but only as a last resort.

Sounds like we may soon have a great project going [or two, if we also want to work with Whatcom County physicians on the Coal Trains]!

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