SEA Session Notes – January 8, 2012

Our group name was confirmed as SEA (Seattle Environmental Activists). A web site, SEA Change ( has been created. The “About” and “Home” pages describe the group’s and the blog’s purpose.

The group discussed meeting protocol and made these decisions:

  •  Meetings will be held the second Sunday of each month from 6:00-8:00, with the first half-hour for socializing and the last 90 minutes for business.  Meetings will begin at 6:30 promptly and end on time.
  • Three roles were identified for each meeting: facilitator, time-keeper, and note-taker. The roles will rotate among the members.

These action items were decided upon.
1) It was agreed that we all will work towards the rejection of the Tar Sands pipeline. One immediate objective Our aim is to get a pledge from a local company not to use oil from the Tar Sands should it become available. Chiquita has done this and is an excellent example. Dan O’Connor will research companies, and Mike Dash will contact the group that secured the pledge from Chiquita.
2) In the 40 days left for Obama to make a decision about the pipeline, we will do all that we can to support him. Bill McKibben’s ( request to send notices of support to the president will be posted on the SEA Change website.
3) The group will may purchase a solar panel for $600 through PSE for a community project (~ $30 each member). If enough members agree to make the purchase, our group name will be would appear on a plaque. Information and a poll will be placed on the website.
4) Also discussed was future action against the coal trains slated to bring coal from Montana to the WA coast and pollute our shoreline and waters. A City Council resolution similar to that of Whatcom County may be proposed pending further information.

The next meeting will Sun Feb 12. Details to be sent via email to subscribers of SEA Alerts.

Submit any clarifications, questions or comments on these notes by clicking on “Leave a Reply” below.


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