Bill McKibben: Cynicism Is for Suckers – How We Can Fight the Greedy Elites That Run Our Lives

Bill McKibben has written a great article on political cynicism, and why it’s time for us to get over our cynicism. Here’s a quick excerpt.

[In December] the House of Representatives voted 234-194 to force a quicker review of the pipeline. Later, the House attached its demand to the must-pass payroll tax cut….. [It turns out that] the 234 Congressional representatives who voted aye have received $42 million in campaign contributions from the fossil-fuel industry. The 193 nays, $8 million. I know that cynics — call them realists, if you prefer — will be completely unsurprised by that. Which is precisely the problem: we’ve reached the point where we’re unfazed by things that should shake us to the core.

I don’t want to be hopelessly naïve. I want to be hopefully naïve…. [corporate America has said] “We’re not going to bother pretending any more. This country belongs to us.” We need to say, loud and clear: “Sorry. Time to give it back.”


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